Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is my first post, so away we go . . . . .

Francesca is now almost 23 pounds and yes, not even 7 months old. As I watch her get excited when I ask her, "Are you hungry?"; I can't help but laugh. The smile on my face is hard to erase. She is so carefree, loves life, and loves to look at herself in the mirror. I love to squeeze her tight for I love her and every one of those 27 rolls and counting. As I watch her though I can't help but think one day she may not be so carefree, love life, and love herself. When will the enemy try and begin to tell her lies that she has to look and act a certain way, be a certain size, and that she alone is not good enough? My heart breaks as I think about this. This alone continues to ignite the passion I have of telling teenage girls how God describes and defines them. I must ask, when did the enemy start working on you? Have you allowed him to speak into your life? What lies have you believed about

yourself, about others, and about the God who knows you better that you know yourself? As I look over at the monitor and see Francesca peacefully sleeping away, her onesie gapping down the middle, my prayer for her is that she will love God with a passion no one can stop, love others, and love herself.