Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pot or the Kettle

As I dropped my daughter off at school today, I quickly went into “I only have a few hours to get 5 days worth of stuff accomplished” mode.  As I was driving to my first destination, a monster truck decided that his lane wasn’t interesting enough.  So, he decided that my lane looked better to him.  With that said, he quickly came on over cutting me off.  My first reaction was not Christ like and I had to hold back from laying on my horn.  As I was driving behind this truck, praying for my enemies, we came upon a merge lane.  The car that was in front of him came to a stop instead of exhilarating into the merging traffic.  The monster truck did not restrain himself and his horn began to drown out every other sound currently heard.  As I witnessed this, I couldn’t help but think back to how he had just done the same thing to me only moments ago.  
How many times we do this in our everyday lives.  We look at others, judge them, talk about them, and become angry. When all the while if others do the same to us we become hurt, don’t understand, and wonder how anyone could act in such a way.  So, remember the next time you are too quick to judge, lie, treat someone poorly, steal, covet your neighbors things, and/or gossip - how would you like it if someone was doing the same to you?  Perspective.  Don’t allow someone to ask you the old saying of, “Would you like to be the pot or the kettle?”  
How I thank God for His grace because I know that I am not perfect and am guilty of such things.  “Lord, help me to be the daughter you created in your image.  May I love your children and see them through your eyes.  Help me to extend the same grace to others as you freely give to me.”