Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shop Lifting

Well, I ventured to Walmart today with my 19 month old daughter. Going to the grocery story when you have a huge list of items to purchase is never fun. Then, add a 19 month old who is energized like there is caffeine running through her veins - well it just can't be good.

Francesca and I were actually doing fairly well. I had her DVD player with me, her favorite turtle, and her annoying Elmo telephone. I had my "big bag" so I was well equipped and prepared to deal with whatever was thrown my way. As we proceeded up and down each aisle, Francesca had managed to obtain a few items to play with from the shelves. (package of very well sealed colored erasers, animal crackers, etc.). After being in Walmart for almost 2 hours, we proceeded to the check out line. I knew my "Francesca in a good mood and cooperating" window was closing, so I quickly threw everything onto the belt.

After taking everything out of my cart, putting everything back in, and paying for my items, we quickly headed to the car. But, as we were walking out the door, the very loud "draw attention to yourself" beeper started going off. The very nice 90 year old Walmart greeter, "quickly" made his way towards me.

Why was I making the beeper go off? I had this horrify picture of me finding some items that Francesca had taken off of a shelf, stuck them in our cart, or worse in my purse, and I would be convicted for life in jail for shoplifting. As I began to sweat, we began the process of elimination. After a LONG ordeal, it was something on my person that was causing the beeper to sound in the air strike!

Guess what it was? An Elmo DVD that I had stuck in my "big bag" for Francesca to watch for her round two as we turned down aisle 127. I hate Elmo! All to say, the nice man let me go freely to my car with the Elmo DVD in hand. Thank you Mr. Walmart greeter!

How Christ does this same thing for us everyday, "you are free my child, but only because of me."

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