Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Conversation with Phyllis

When I sat down with Phyllis I began to tell her about The Pearl House and the vision God had given me.  She was moved by what the Lord was doing.  Phyllis told me that Apostle Francis Odai would be here at the end of November.  
My husband and our church has worked with Apostle Odai and his ministry, Maranatha Power Ministries,, for several years now.  He is a very Godly man and my husband describes him as the Billy Graham of Ghana!
It was currently the beginning of November and the end of November just seemed too far away to talk with Odai.  Phyllis asked if I would like to try and call him now.  I quickly said yes and we proceeded to dial his number.  As the phone rang several times I prayed that he would pick up.  He is very hard to get in touch with sometimes for he will go into the bush ministering to people for weeks at a time.  He answered!  And the conversation went something like this. . . .

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