Friday, January 6, 2012

Now what?

So what do you do with something like this?  Where do you start?  I am overwhelmed.
I remember my friend Phyllis Morris with Kairos 10 (if you don't know about Kairos 10, you need to check them out had told me that when she had gone to Accra, she had seen the girls.  They were so young, they were on the streets with no where to go, and there was no hope in their eyes.  Some of the girls, as young at 8 years old, would sit at the train station waiting for men to come and have their way with them for small amounts of pay. 
I went to Phylllis' office the next day.  I was to tell her about the vision God had given me.  I sat down with her, assuring that I would only take about 20 minutes of her time. Two hours quickly passed and I found myself weeping as I returned to my car. . . 

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